Fine art, Fine artists, Flo Rida. Super Fly

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One would think that being born with SOME SORT of Warhol name… WARCHOLA, VARCHOLA … whatever, that you would be gifted.  Fated talent, would dictate a clear runway for take off.  I can tell you negative.  Not such the case.

It was some day in June I believe, my brand new baby was less than 4 months old, and I was asked by my licensing company C3 Entertainment, to come out to Las Vegas and represent.  I was requested to bring a few works of my art, of course that reflected more brands that they carry.  I had heard a lot of buzz that hip hop famed rapper Flo Rida, was going to be near our “booth”, and that there was going to be a special concert “on the beach” somewhere in Las Vegas.. lol.  I was psyched, it sounded fun, and I do love his music.

Proper Las Vegas style, I did my best to hang …. postpartum.. and pay attention, push, and represent what I am, what I do.  Period.

I got fairly non nondescript intoxicated,clean and uneventful, (thank the lord for my unconscious conscious authority.)..while trying to network….. and ran back to my room for a possibility of some sleep before the big presentation the next day, where I was going to have to sign autographs, as well as be interviewed by some sort of tv entity, “Art Moose”.

On 2 hours of sleep, as well as getting over Strep throat, I did myself no favors… lol… and wouldn’t even attempt to place blame on anyone other than myself.

I felt beyond ill.  It took every ounce of my strength, to pull myself together, I even rehearsed, attempting to drag the framed art I had brought that was requested that was WAY beyond too heavy for any girl in heels … even if she had run marathons. lol.  Still I managed, got it together, got dressed, got the art and pretended to open the door of the hotel at the Luxor at least a half dozen times.

I called for help.   A great guy from of the team of C3 Entertainment offered to help me carry the (heavy) framed art.  I was beyond thankful.

I got to the booth, and before I knew it was interview time.  The “Art Moose” team was very sweet to me, and next up despite me worrying about if I had sweat rings, on my suit jacket, it was time to sign autographs.  I did my best to sit up straight, even though, I was exhausted, and felt like passing out.  I wondered if I ended up in the emergency room in Las Vegas would my kids be able to find me… but somehow, I knew I was way stronger.. and everything would come off great.  I talked to so many amazing people, and even was invited to show my work in Russia, but, I didn’t speak Russian, and could seem to find anyone quickly to aid me in the request.  I was ready for it to be the end of the day.  It was about 3pm.  I finished signing autographs, and was so thankful with all the great people who came to visit, and I told my team I was ready to call it a day… and wanted to make my way back to the hotel room to relax a bit.  I started the trek back.

I didn’t get too far, and my team was calling me to come back down as Famed Rapper Flo Rida was back at his booth of his brand, and if I wanted an opportunity to try and show him some of my art I had to rush back.  I thought, I was going to pass out on the way for this mere opportunity to show this celebrity some of my  awesome art…which wasn’t even really there.. but thank god for the iphone.. I DID have cool pics!!!!


I trekked back to the Mandalay Bay, LIMA show, and hoped that I would get to meet Flo Rida, and for him to even see my art and me as a person.  It happened.  There was Flo’s team, and his licensing team.. and I could see the difference and it was a breath of fresh air to say “hey” to this amazing guy, and artist, and show him a bit of what I do.  Sure enough, he did and he and his buddies were psyched to see my stuff.  Flo asked me “So when do I get my painting”, I responded, “well with this girls two hands…. as soon as I can”.  His manager took my information down.  I couldn’t wait to complete a work of art I knew they wouldn’t be able to conceive I knew I could make.

It is one thing to know you can do something, but quite another to know you did, presented, and blew away the anticipated expectation.  I worked so hard, do and with pride.  To have someone so beautiful excited, amazed and appreciative is a milestone, many don’t get to see.  I am lucky.  Love #Flo Rida, Love #HowIFeel!



Yes, I am a distant cousin of Andy Warhol, but this is what I do, and I do well, and it’s how I feel!  I was born this way, not a decision once I comprehended my cousin.  A chance is something that can be bought, taken or demanded.  With all you have on the line, what would you do? Buy, Gamble, Take, or Grab.  I guess it helps if you have confidence in the odds.

 Monica Warhol and Flo Rida